ABA Commission Develops App for Healthcare Directives

ABA Commission Develops App for Healthcare Directives

April 16 was National Health Care Decisions Day, and we posted an article in our last newsletter emphasizing the importance of having a current Advance Health Care Directive.  This document names the person(s) who would have legal authority to make health care and medical treatment decisions for you if you become unable to do so for yourself.  You can download this essential document from our website at www.ElderLawMS.com/forms.

Once you have your  directive signed, how would it be available if you were away from home and needed it?  Ever wonder if there is a way to store your advance health-care directive and related information for easy retrieval if the situation arises?  There are some services like Docubank (www.docubank.com) that will hold your health care documents and transmit them to medical providers at any time.  Now, there is also a free (and affordable upgrade) app for your mobile phone that can give you access to that essential information upon demand.

My Health Care Wishes is an American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging smart phone app that gives individuals and their family members the ability to store their own and each other’s health care advance directives, key health information, and health care contacts on their Apple or Android smartphones, and to send advance directive documents directly to health care providers by email or Bluetooth connectivity.  Learn more about the app and download it at: http://www.americanbar.org/groups/law_aging/MyHealthCareWishesApp.html.

If you don’t yet have your Advance Health-Care Directive, click here and download the free form.  Then store it for easy access by cell phone with the ABA app.  You and your family will rest easier knowing you have tended to this important planning step!

If you have further questions on this or other issues, contact our experienced attorneys at Courtney Elder Law Associates by calling 601-987-3000.

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